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Page history last edited by keith_hodges 11 years, 10 months ago

Kernel Extensions


Kernel Extensions adds some new methods to core classes in Squeak. It should be safe to install on any 3.7 or later image, as it only adds methods.


Download it on SqueakSource, or do:

"Squeak-dev's Kernel-Extensions has lots of things removed, so ignore it"

(MCPackage named: 'Kernel-Extensions') workingCopy unregister.

Installer mantis ensureFix: '7166 speedup allSelectors and add allSelectorsBelow:'.

Installer mantis ensureFix: '7217 explorer to work on ProtoObjects'.

Installer ss project:'311'; install: 'Kernel-Extensions'.


New features:

  • classes that can safely discard some cached stuff should implement FreeSomeSpace to be called
  • Null object
  • Null Logging framework
  • << on Stream
  • split/join


Demo of some new features

"clean up an image, rather than write your own cleanup script"

SmalltalkImage current freeSpace.

'ab cdef g' splitOn: ' '. "an OrderedCollection('ab' 'cdef' 'g')"

'ab cdef g' splitOn: [:ea | ea isSeperator]. "an OrderedCollection('ab' 'cdef' 'g')"

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