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Welcome to Squeak "Installer" Wiki


The reason for using this wiki rather than http://wiki.squeak.org , is that this wiki has "proper" urls and provides better control of uploads.


This wiki provides a place to collate Installer scripts... this wiki is on the Installer's webInstallPath by default. (In the future it is hoped that squeaksource wikis will have bookmarkable urls)


To install an installer script embedded in any page on this site: from squeak execute...


Installer install: 'Tidy'.

but... if there is an Image Specific (e.g. Tidy-Squeak3:7) , or "Image and User Specific" (e.g. Tidy-Squeak3:7-kph), version of that script it will run in preference. You can add additional url's to the search path so as to add your own overrides.


Welcome To "Operation Level Playing Field"


To start the ball rolling: Every starting image has different facilities, none have the required facilities for unattended Installer based installation script. LevelPlayingField addresses this, giving every squeak image, the ability to use Installer scripts, Monticello packages and Monticello Configurations.

  1. LevelPlayingField


Tidiness is next to...


Most release images have lots of extra "stuff". Tidy is a basic script for cleaning up your starting image before starting with installations. Clean is a more aggressive script for stripping out as much unneccessary stuff as is possible.

  1. Tidy - Cosmetic tidy up
  2. Reorganize - Clean - Remove packages which can be loaded again
  3. Packages - Install "Sake" and Package Maps for your version
  4. Latest - MinorFixes, MajorFixes and PackageUpgrades
  5. LatestUnstable - MinorFixesUnstable, MajorFixesUnstable and PackageUpgradesUnstable
  6. Test - Run the entire test suite unnattended
  7. New Packages - this is a list of scripts, but not executable from this level
  8. Docs




Installer Documentation

To use these scripts, obtain an image from ftp.squeak.org, and run a commandline similar to this...


prompt#> squeak Squeak3.7-5989-basic.image http://installer.pbwiki.com/f/LPF.st Installer +debug user=kph do=Tidy;MagmaSeaside SmalltalkImage save=new.image +quit




For more information http://wiki.squeak.org/squeak/Installer

Feedback: keith_hodges at yahoo dot co dot uk

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