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Page history last edited by keith_hodges 14 years, 11 months ago

"Level Playing Field" - Make any image ready for Installer scripts



So this script basically loads up packages that removes a bunch of api incompatibilities across versions all the way back to 3.7? That is AWESOME. -- Todd Blanchard


News Feb 09 - All Components of LPF are now Licensed MIT


In order to support cohesiveness in the development community it is important that packages be as portable as possible. "Operation Level Playing Field" is about making this possible.


It's hard work writing a package for use in all of the commonly used squeak versions. All images prepared with the LevelPlayingField script will be able to load monticello packages using Installer scripts published on this website. These installer scripts can take up the burden of handling image version differences.


Either of the two methods below will start the whole "LevelPlayingField" process and do the "right thing" automatically.



command line usage:

1. squeak old.image http://ftp.squeak.org/3.11/scripts/LPF.st SmalltalkImage save=new.image

workspace usage:

2. HTTPSocket httpFileIn: 'ftp.squeak.org/3.11/scripts/LPF.st'.

universe usage:

3. Installer universe install: 'Monticello15'. "(or Monticello16)"

universe usage:

4. Installer install: 'LPF'.



LevelPlayingField updates different squeak versions up to a similar level with respect to:

  1. Installer
  2. Launcher
  3. PackageInfo
  4. Monticello
  5. MonticelloConfigurations

Squeak Versions

The scripts below are specific to each version of squeak, according to the value of Smalltalk version, __note periods have been replaced by colons__


  1. LevelPlayingField-Squeak3:7 (does not run unattended)
  2. LevelPlayingField-Squeak3:7-kph <-- example of a user specific variant
  3. LevelPlayingField-Squeak3:8
  4. LevelPlayingField-Squeak3:8:1
  5. LevelPlayingField-Squeak3:8:2
  6. LevelPlayingField-Squeak3:9
  7. LevelPlayingField-Squeak3:9kernel
  8. LevelPlayingField-Squeak3:9:1
  9. LevelPlayingField-Squeak3:10beta
  10. LevelPlayingField-Squeak3:10
  11. LevelPlayingField-Squeak3:10:1
  12. LevelPlayingField-Squeak3:10:2
  13. LevelPlayingField-etoys2:2 (OLPC build 658)
  14. LevelPlayingField-etoys2:3 (does not run unattended, or from the command line)
  15. LevelPlayingField-etoys3:0
  16. LevelPlayingField-etoys3:1
  17. LevelPlayingField-etoys3:2
  18. LevelPlayingField-etoys4:0
  19. LevelPlayingField-Sophie
  20. LevelPlayingField-Croquet1:0beta
  21. LevelPlayingField-Pharo0:1


included scripts:



Fallback script if an image is not found in the list above


Transcript cr; show: 'Your image version is not explicitly supported by LPF yet. Contact maintainers for details'.

Installer install:'LevelPlayingField-Monticello15'.



Comments (2)

Anonymous said

at 1:11 am on Feb 3, 2008

I'm thinking this page needs some fallback code for LPF.st in case it is run using an image for which there is no matching version number specific page.

keith_hodges said

at 2:50 pm on Sep 3, 2008

done, message is printed to the transcript

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