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External Files Support



The default implementation of the two methods below considers all files

and directories (with their contents) matching the package name to be

part of the package.





e.g. package name 'Release'.


files matching would include:






External Files Support - Monticello


*Only file based repositories (i.e. .mcz files) are supported at present


Since your external files will change far less than your code, it is

recommended that you

use a separate package to manage files in order to save space and time.


Files are included in the .mcz (which is a standard zip archive)

as files/* according to the pattern files/<uuid>/<path>/<to>/<file>


*note: the uuid will change with every snapshot, it is unique to that

file in that snapshot

*note: in changes browsers the file is considered to be changed if the

fileSize has changed.


Snapshotting a package with files uses a temporary directory in


The #flushCachedVersions menu item deletes this directory.

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