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Page history last edited by PBworks 12 years, 8 months ago

The first meeting to call together everyone interested in the release process happened 2 Feb 2008 at 16:00-18:00 UTC on Skype. Keith Hodges, Matthew Fulmer, Edgar J. de Cleene, and Colin Putney contributed, while Ken Causey, Cedrick Beler, and Esteban mostly listened. Here's what happened:


Colin opened up by discussing Monticello 2. It is a rewrite of Monticello that allows versioning arbitrary chunks of the image. It is nearly ready for production usage; Colin will switch the Omnibrowser team and the MC2 repository over to using it in order to test it in real use. Colin estimated being able to have MC2 host itself within about 1 month.


Next, Matthew spoke about DeltaStreams, a project to make changesets and logging more useful and more detailed. It is not yet ready for production, nor will be within the next few months.


Next Keith discussed Installer and the LevelPlayingField initiative, which provides a web-based forum for collaboratively collecting image modification scripts, including bug-fixes for various images, new packages, and image cleanup scripts to be collaboratively built. It is already in use.


We then discussed how these various projects will help us toward our goal, and what exactly our goal is. Edgar presented, with Colin translating, his desire and plan to move from 3.10 progressively toward a smaller, KernelImage and MinimalMorphic based image. He plans to use either image-building tools he will write within the image, or Installer; it was not clear which.


Colin, Keith, and Matthew tried envisioning what development could or should look like with MC2 as a tool.


We concluded by agreeing that the tools need to be built and tested before we try anything too grand, but we can, in the meantime, collect bug-fixes and image-building scripts using the installer wiki.

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