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Squeak Release Meeting 2

Monday, February 25, 2008 at 18:00 UTC

Text via Freenode channel #squeak; voice via Skype


Agenda items


  1. What to do to finish 3.10
  2. Licensing situation as of 3.10
  3. Goals for 3.11
    1. Strict Licensing?
    2. KernelImage
    3. Sharing with Croquet and Etoys




This meeting was text only, so it was logged in it's entirety in the #squeak channel archive

Matthew, Pavel, Craig, and Bert were the primary attendees


Meeting Results


Item 1: What to do to finish 3.10

Delayed to next meeting, as Edgar was not present

Item 2: Licensing situation as of 3.10

Discussed pretty completely; Craig gave an overview then answered questions

Item 3a: Is strict licensing a goal for the next release?

Yes it is.

Item 3b: Is KernelImage a goal for the next release?

Yes it is.

Item 3c: Is sharing with satelite communities a goals for the next release team?

This was not discussed very much in the meeting. It will have to be brought up again later.


Meeting Minutes



Open questions:


  1. Is there a complete history of all methods available somewhere?
    1. Andrew is the one to answer that; he made it just by collecting info from the set of all releases that Andreas put out (and announced on squeak-dev)
    2. at worst, there is simply the set of all releases that Andreas put out.
  2. Where is this set of all releases that Andreas put out?
    1. I can't find them, but I found a prior reference:
    2. http://lists.squeakfoundation.org/pipermail/squeak-dev/2006-September/108880.html
    3. The 3.6 reference lead me to search the mailing list archives unsucessfully between June 2003 and April 2004
  3. Would blind rewriting be sufficient to change the license of a method regardless of all prior versions?
    1. It is sufficient but not necessary
  4. Are method names, class names and overall design subject to license?
  5. Is there a way (legal of course) to proclaim that given work will become freely available to anyone after some time passed?
  6. Are all the updates for 3.10 final in the update stream?
  7. Is Edgar's FunSqueak meant to be FullSqueak?
  8. What is KernelImage, and why is it different?

Contact Matthew Fulmer for information:

matthewf on freenode, or tapplek@gmail.com

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