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Squeak Release Meeting 5


Monday, April 14, 2008, 18:00 UTC

On #squeak IRC channel


Open meeting for the unofficial SqueakReleaseTeam, regarding the planned Squeak 4.0 release


Agenda items


  1. What is the artifact we intend to produce with a relicense effort?
  2. How do we ensure that all changes we make until now and the end of the relicense are license-clean?
    1. Is this urgent?
    2. Do we need to mark methods?
    3. Should we use Igor's patch to stuff a license into the method timestamp?
  3. What to do about the relicense
    1. Wait for Maurice and the history db
    2. Wait for spoon
  4. What to do in the meantime
    1. Pharo?
    2. Keith's 3.11?
    3. Edgar's 3.11?
    4. Fix bugs
    5. Get internationalization working (fixed in etoys)
    6. Make tests green
    7. Automatic image build/test script, or server (That is what this installer wiki is meant to be, actually)
    8. When do we move a bug fix from unstable to stable?


The meeting lasted about 2 hours. The attendees were:

  • Matthew Fulmer
  • Pavel Krivanek
  • Edgar J. de Cleene
  • Keith Hodges
  • Ken Brown
  • Gary Chambers


Results of the meeting


The meeting didn't follow the agenda at all. Instead, it focussed solely on what needs doing for 3.11


3.11 Long-Term Tasks and Responsibilities

The major point of discussion is what needs doing for 3.11, and who will be responsible for it:


  • Major changes
    • KernelImage: Pavel and Edgar
    • Build system: Keith, Matthew, and Ken
      • Definitely involves Installer
      • Would be nice to involve DeltaStreams if/when it is ready
    • Automated testing: Probably Keith
  • Sync bug fixes/features with other images
    • Sync with croquet: No volunteer yet.
    • Sync with etoys: Matthew, maybe?
      • internationalization is the most important feature to try to bring over
    • Sync with Pharo: Matthew, maybe?
  • Mantis issues
    • Incorperate tested bug fixes: No coordinator yet
    • Test bug fixes: Community-driven, no coordinator yet
    • Write bug fixes: Community-driven, no coordinator yet
  • Misc



3.11 Release date

We would like 3.11 to be a time-boxed release. We took a hint from Craig Latta and tentatively scheduled the release to be ready by the equinox: 22 September 2008.


Short-term issues

The only other major point was what to do in the short-term (focus on for the 2-3 weeks after the meeting):


  • Matthew will work on a script to unload traits to prove that it's not so hard (this has since been done)
  • Pavel and Edgar will review LPF and Keith's KernelExtensions, making sure they work right in KernelImage
  • Keith will continue on the build server (He has since announced and started gathering interest in Sake/Packages)



No discussion about the future of squeak is complete without a Traits discussion :(

Ken dug up a number of emails by Andreas about how to make traits loadable:


Since the meeting, two pieces of code have appeared:






Meeting Minutes


Times are in tunes log times (UTC-8:00)

  • 10:54: Start of meeting
  • 11:01: Matthew starts discussing packaging and a build server
  • 11:11: A discussion about what to remove then modularize quickly devolves into a Traits argument
  • 11:24: Matthew moves to assign some responsibilities regarding the major tasks to do for 3.11
  • 11:30: Unfocussed discussion
  • 11:49: Update stream vs Sake/Packages vs. MC2 vs. DS vs. Installer vs. Naiad
  • 12:00: Discussion on release date
  • 12:06: Discussion of short-term goals
  • 12:11: What images will we make, and what will they contain? Kernel? Basic? Full? Fun?

Contact Matthew Fulmer for information:

matthewf on freenode, or tapplek@gmail.com

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