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Page history last edited by keith_hodges 12 years, 7 months ago

Fixes should be tested in an MinorFixesUnstable first of all. If a fix applies to more than on image version it should be given its own page.

  1. MinorFixes-ScaledDecimal 6667.
  2. MinorFixes-String 9999

Then such minor fixes can be added to the "MinorFixesUnstable" for those images to which they apply. If approved then they could be added to that image's MinorFixes. Note that fixes are not applied as standard to images, you have to request "Latest", "LatestUnstable", or simply "MinorFixes". If at some point a bug fix new release is released for an image then it is likely to include the minor fixes.

  1. MinorFixesUnstable-Squeak3:10
  2. MinorFixes-Squeak3:10

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