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Squeak 3.11


Squeak 3.11 is a social experiment: the goal is to make the entire process of discussing ideas, submitting fixes, or getting an idea of the progress of the release as straightforward and open as possible. Our technical goals are less ambitious; they are split halfway between tool improvement and bug fixing.



  • Diversify the release: In the past, the released image and the update stream were the only real versions of squeak, and the release team focussed only on that single release. Now the situation is much different: there are several forks, many distributions, and many experiments that never touch the squeak.org release, yet the release team only modifies the squeak.org release. We would like to change this; bug fixes and many updates should go to all your images, not just one of them
  • Build often, test often: Building packages, assembling images, installing updates, and testing various versions are all things that can and should be automated. Every day, you should be able to visit our website, grab a new version of squeak, know how many tests pass, and what has changed since the previous day. You should also be able to upgrade or downgrade, install, or remove anything from your image easilly
  • Listen and Speak to the community at every stage



  • How to submit a fix
  • How to mark a package as stable
  • How to mark a package for inclusion in each image build


To-Do list


Team Members:

  • Matthew Fulmer: Secretarial duties
  • Keith Hodges: Build server and associated tools
  • Pavel Krivanek: Small image specialist
  • Edgar J. de Cleen: Module and Morphic Man
  • Ken Causey: Sanity checker
  • Ken Brown: Morale booster
  • Randal Schwartz: Wisdom, Guidance, and Discipline

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