Squeak 4.0


This release is in the planning phase. We are holding semi-regular open meetings on the #squeak IRC channel. Please come.



  1. Strictly MIT-licensed kernel image



  1. Decide on a base image.
    1. Most of us agree that spoon is the way to go
  2. Make a method history database in order to make a complete license audit
    1. Maurice Rabb is working on this
  3. Make a complete, definitive license audit
  4. Organize and oversee a Squeak relicense party to rewrite unclean methods


New Features

  1. This needs discussion. See the agenda for meeting 5
  2. Squeak 4.0 Mantis issue
  3. Stub Installer scripts:
    1. Squeak 4.0 bug fixes


Unresolved issues



This team is not yet official. The interested participants are

  1. Matthew Fulmer
  2. Pavel Křivánek
  3. Edgar J. De Cleene
  4. Victor Rodriguez
  5. Craig Latta
  6. Maurice Rabb
  7. Esteban Lorenzan
  8. Igor Stasenko
  9. Keith Hodges