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Page history last edited by keith_hodges 12 years, 8 months ago

Level Playing Field

Make 3.7 Run Unattended

There are hooks for allowing pop-up choices to be automatically answered by performing a Notification. However these hooks are not used in the 3.7 UI.

MinorFixes for Older Squeak Versions

Nominated Version Czar's

Squeak Version 3.10+/3.11

Clean Chunks Out

some ideas

  1. Clean-Nebraska
  2. Clean-SUnitGUI
  3. Clean-Universes
  4. Clean-SqueakMap
  5. Clean-OldSocket
  6. Clean-Tests

Bug-fixes Testing/Harvesting

It never stops MinorFixes-Squeak3:10 http://bugs.squeak.org

Integrate Logging

Move the kernel to use the kogging api, rather than the Transcript. The kernel will include a null logger by default for minimal images.

  1. Clean-Logging - remove Logging leaving the null logger.
  2. Write a transcript logger which uses Transcript in a thread safe manner.
  3. Write a stderr logger for platforms which support it.

Integrate Faster Dictionaries

sig has work on faster dictionaries, see about incorporating them in the base image

Integrate #cleanUp across the image

Class Comments

We want more class comments

Write a .info file when saving

We tend to use the image name to give the entire geneology of an image. If we had a .info file along side the image we could then have a nice title. Perhaps have the equivalent of a commit comment in the info file and in the changes log.

Integrate DeltaStreams to replace Changes Log (3.12)

Change History Integration

(Not sure what is happening to this as far as 3.10 is concerned)

Image Support for Scripter

Many of the UI tools have no support for programmatic control.

Scripter seeks to perform programmatic control so some thought as to how best to support this in a generic and consistent way. i.e. tool instanciation and #open methods vary.

Review deprecated methods/classes

for potential removal?

  1. Clean-RemoveUnusedPackages

Morphic Husbandry


SmalltalkImage current

Clarify which way we want to go... finish the job, publish adaptors for older images to use the new API's


review and include as appropriate

  1. Set-#findOrAdd:


Atomic Loading

Support Traits in SystemEditor

Monticello Improvements

Hunt those last 1/2 bugs


adding an instance variable to a class you do not own.

Support Files

Support DeltaStreams

Support Feedback

Instant Load Feature

Namespaces - name mutations

If the tools can support loading things in and out of a namespace and class renaming can be performed. Then adopting a namespace proposal in the future will be a lot easier.


Pragma Packages

Package definitions based upon pragmas. This can be used to publish subsets of a package as a Kernel, e.g. Chronology, Rio etc.


Bob The Builder

(work in progress)

Delta Streams

(work in progress)

Scripter contd.


Performance reporting

Refactor building API into TestSuite

Integrate with SSpec

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